Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 17, August 2002
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 13

Washallwedo on the drunken wizrun, wushlwe do on the drunken wizrun, errrrrlayy in the mooorrnning? Hic! Make the dragon walk the plank, thasswhat! Urgle. Mages at dawn! I'll defend yoo...............

Ugh! It's been one of those months. Playing drunk is never clever. No... not on a wizrun especially. Hic! Washall wedo on the drunken wizrun .. die mostly! Sob! Will I ever reach those lofty hights of wizardom? Will my mortal days never cease?.... Not time for me to sober up an get you this month's selection of highlife ramblings out. Hic!

Where to start? Where to start? Last month's one to watch would be a good start...good for him if you know what I mean. Wiley was my one to watch and for once my curse let me down... not only is he alive this month but he made wizard too! The luck of some people.... it shouldda been me!! Seems he's Hawumph, guess I won't complain too much. Nice wizard!

Awww, me head! There've been deaths this month too. I've not checked the top rogues yet but I'm hoping....I'm praying they've changed. Please let it be so, make it so, guys! I'll let you know, but first some deaths!!

Themaster, not the evil timelord but actually Joey, killed his way through all the highlifes for a bit - making my job easier! Heh! My sources say he killed a warlock called Vogue but I can't find much else out. Whoever it was he dropped out of fashion pretty quick-like.

Speaking of dropping out of fashion, I hear Themaster dropped out of fashion and out of this world pretty soon after that. Revenge perhaps? I didn't hear who killed him, but I think they did wizrunners a favour!

There were a few wizrunners around this month... not least of them Darklord. Sounds evil?? Nah, he was a puppy really. Problem with puppies is that they're easily slaugtered. My sources tell me that Adagio did just that, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Makes my stomach turn....or something does..... my sources say Darklord is also know as Mike. That might explain the whole puppy thing...

And on the topic of sick things my sources are whinging (yes whinging!) just recently about low-down teamers. Seems some people can't get five minutes rest outside of the tearoom without getting hammered by a dozen crappy little teamers. Sick! Real sick. Makes you wanna stay in the tearoom.......

............but not that much. Not as much as errrrr... my sources have let me down. Rumour is even Serenety has made a trip or two into the deep dark land.. In fact the only name my sources gave me was Archangel... Seems the mage is handcuffed to his tea.

Timothy (known to some as Billygoat) left the tearoom as a mage.....boy did he regret it. Sabretooth - also a mage - didn't regret it and beat poor Timothy right back to novice.

Oh, and I must send my appologies to Sabretooth. Last month I said his other mage was deadded... turns out Robin was very much alive. Luckily he's dead now so it all worked out in the end....... well not for Robin. Erg... my head is spinning!

And now some of the funnies.... Philosophy gets too close to the dragon (who tells me he doesn't go for that type) and loses it big-time. Billygoat again, sorry mate! Bammargera loses it to something a bit smaller, but only just... the ogre. No!! Maybe the ogre was just too fast for him!! Oh, my sides!

We've got two new mini-warlocks belonging to sonic/warlock who seem to be in charge of bops these days. They can be seen in the land as Carnage and Nightflow.... but mostly answer to their codenames, tweedledum and tweedledumber! My sources say they're behind most of the lowlife teaming...who said crime didn't pay? Jeez!

So, guys... on to my roguewatch. Number 1 position is still Art. Number two, no change at Po ...... 3, 4, 5.... 6 7..8.....9. wait! What's this? Can it be true? Has the 10th position finally changed? Aurora was there last YEAR .... now it's can I have a drum role please? Just not too loud ..... at number 10 is Sabretooth! Well done everyone! Keep putting those bounties up and make those wizzards fod more on the top 10!!

Woah! Just enough time left for me to pick one to watch for this month. It's not easy as they keep dying. So who hasn't died? I think my one to watch this month has to go to Po. That tellytubbie is back again and making progress. With my curse broken, can anything stop him???

I wish him luck.....but I wish my headache would go away more. Then I can get back to the game and get back up those levels. I can do it, you know. Next month I'll be watching myself... Because.......

I AM....


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