Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002

This edition marks the second anniversary of Muddled Times! The diverse and numerous articles this edition contains show that Muddled Times is as popular as it ever was! Well done to everyone and anyone who has ever contributed to Muddled Times past and present.

Our special new feature to mark the second anniversary is something that many of you have been requesting from Muddled Times for a long time. A chart - of sorts. This chart is a little bit different from the usual top 10's you see (like the one on Apart from the fact that it is a top 100 (yes, 100!) this chart also includes people who have died. Most top 10's represent the top 10 highest scoring players at that point in time. This chart represents the top 100 highest scoring players over a period of time - this is why it includes players who have since died or made wiz. See our newest section Charts for this top 100.

Also within this issue are the photos and a rather unique report from the Colchester mudmeet. If you missed this mudmeet you have another chance coming up to meet your fellow mud players. Vulnax is organising a meet to be held on August 17th in Rainhill near Liverpool. Full details on this mudmeet can be viewed here.

Don't forget to send in your articles, stories and letters to for the next issue in August!

Also, please fill in the feedback form when you have finished reading this issue. Your feedback in invaluable!

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Authors:Apeomancer, Cat, Foddy, Fruitbat, Hawumph, Karya, Lexley, Richard, Undertaker, Vulnax, Wizrundave.
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