Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 15, April 2002

This edition of Muddled Times is one with a difference, we've joined forces with MUD2.COM's Admiral Bombow's Chronicles! Hawumph, the editor or ABC approached me about a month ago with the suggestion of collaborating to bring out a "merged" Muddled Times and ABC. Both magazines have kept their individual style and site-specific articles but the rest is purely intersite teamwork! Let us know what you think of this issue by sending in your thoughts to

Looming ever closer is the Colchester mudmeet! Colchester being the place where MUD was born! For details about the mudmeet including maps and accomodation lists see this News Article and this Forum Topic. Don't forget to send in your photos and stories from the meet to for the next issue in June!

Until next time!


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Authors:Alphabet, Apeomancer, Crazyfool, Foddy, Humpy, Jericho, Karya, Laura, Lexley, Miss Divine, Oberon, Severina, Tabitha, Tharg, Theman, Wizrundave.
Sub-Editors:Bigphil, Clare
Links Editor:Wdi
Editors:Hawumph & Karya

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