Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 14, February 2002

Welcome to the New Year with the 14th edition of Muddled Times!

Since the last issue of Muddled Times we have a new wiz - Droo! Read on in this issue for an interview with our latest wiz.

Thank you to everyone who filled in the Feedback Form that was introduced in the last issue. Some very interesting and useful comments were made. These feedback forms are very useful in that I can use the information from them to produce issues in the future that everyone will enjoy! Don't forget, the feedback from is entirely anonymous unless you wish it to be otherwise.

As always, please send in your articles, ideas, letters e.t.c to me at

Until next time!


This issue of Muddled Times was brought to you by:

Authors:Cockroach, Frugle, Karya, Lexley, Miss Divine, Richard, Seamus, Theman, Wdi, Wizrundave, Vulnax
Sub-Editors:Bigphil, Clare
Links Editor:Wdi

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