Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 14, February 2002
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 10

Hey, guys! I'm back and I've got great news for you. My wizrun is back on and going a storm. I've been slaying dragons...slicing goblins....stepping on dwarfs........ and asking maidens very politely to keel over and die. You betchya! I'm back on form.

Not only that, but this is my tenth column!! Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday I was being cajoled into writing my first. But here we are, and on with business.....

Last month, I didn't do so well! Either I'm losing my touch (no chance!!) or there's some sort of curse I'm giving out. Fear me! I say again,!

Let's start with last month's hopeless bunch....It seems like Xbot (mini-mage from last month) took what I said to hart and actually left the tea room... he must have at least once anyway as my sources tell me hes now pushing up daisies, courtesy of Estranged.

Estrawho you say? I was surprised too!! It seems my sources and I let a warlock slip through the net last month. Not that it matters, barely two days later Estranged lost it all to that Avekjtfspank character never to return again. What a wuss!

And I said Akevjtflump wasn't newsworthy last month!!!! Not only that, but he went on to make wizard!! And not just any wizard... Guys, it seems he was ---- the wizard after all!! Do you think we're allowed to call him Droo yet??

I named Andi and Heathcliff as leading lights last it turns out, they were more leading ladies than lights, A curse, I tell you! Both characters seemed to die and quit the moment my article hit the site! Scary stuff....

Speaking of scary, Xecutioner has returned from wherever he went to... Less scary is Cheyenne who is still around this month and making steady progress - she's made mage now but she's not exactly pushing things. Yawn! And that Apomancer guy seemed to run out of his special black-magic this month and lost it all to a goblin.

Rodney (who my sources say is also known as Brocken) has returned from a long absence and within a week has made warlock! He's still going, so Rodney wins my "one to watch" for this month.

As for last month's "one to watch" Archangel, he seems to have forgotten about my evil curse.... and actually made more points! Damn! At this rate he'll be in wizzard territory by next month!! Not before me, please!!!

Bammargera is also making his mark on the land..making mage just this week. My sources say he's got another mage tucked away too. Could this be his final assault on wizzardom?

The tea-room brigade seems to be building up again including Athena, a new and mysterious warlock. There's even been a rumour of the tea-room queen Jincks making a return!!! ... Whatever next? I must get my kit together and play those sets. I'm getting so close I can taste it! I will be there soon, you'll see...............

Because ...

I AM....


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