Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 13, December 2001

Welcome to the 13th edition of Muddled Times! Unlucky for some but not for us, we're as active as we ever were!

The new feature for this issue is the Feedback Form. This is a form that sits in a seperate section of each issue that will only take a couple of minutes to fill in. It is to let us know how to produce an issue that everyone will enjoy. Maybe you don't actually like reading an interview every issue, maybe you'd like more fiction? We won't know that until we actually get some feedback. And I'd like to assure everyone that the feedback is entirely anonymous unless you chose it not to be. Go here to see this issue's feedback form.

As always, please send in your articles, ideas, letters e.t.c to me at,.

Until next time!


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Authors:Anonymous, Foddy, Foz, Funaki, Gehenna, Karya, Lexley, Maxmage, Miss Divine, Wizrundave
Sub-Editors:Bigphil, Clare
Links Editor:Wdi

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