Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 13, December 2001
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 9

You know guys, I think I'm becoming too old for all this lark.... My joints creak as I type those magic commands and my pulse is weak. I've been wizrunning for so long I can't keep going...... so one more report for you and then it's time for me to put my wizrunning boots away.

Lots happened this month, so my sources tell me!! Let's start with the big guns from last month.....

Sabretooth died dead, so dead he didn't return - rumour is he ran away scared. A little birdie did tell me that he'd run off to Canada to make wiz there....... why? Ya know I'm not going to say it was cos he couldn't take it .. so don't ask!

Xecutioner, you know... the one I said keep an eye on? He dropped off scene completely this month. Guys, do you think he reads my column and thought it was time to hide? .... or maybe he died in the middle of the night trying to make wiz?? Who knows!! Either way, he vanished quicker than a drink in a room full of wizards!

Avekjtfbsfidoofsk vanished pretty darn quickly too. I guess he's still around but he's no longer newsworthy and joins people like Olazabal in the ranks of inactive characters.

Xbot appeared earlier in the month and according to my sources has now achieved the rank of mini-mage. It looks like he's one of those make mage and sit in the tea room for the rest of your life mages.

Which brings me to Outkast whos still tea-rooming it, although less now as that he's been left alone by his tea-sipping chum, Flick. Maybe Xbot will make it tea for two again and we'll be seeing more of him next month!! ...

As far as I can tell, Andi and Heathcliff are the new leading lights of the game. (Andi having lost warlock too!) .... although at times they seem more like solar powered lights than anything else ... but still!

Cheyenne has cropped up on my list a couple of times but is a bit of an unknown....a warlock and around a bit... probably an old one?

Another character who keeps being brought up.... is Archangel! Seems he won a sorcerer in the sorc event and got to keep his sorc..which he neatly converted into a warlock. He gets my vote for "one to watch" this month. Hopefully that's not like the kiss of death and I'll let you know how he did next month.

So onto the top 10 notorious rogues in the land ..... Art holds onto the top spot from last month..but then so does everyone else!! Not one position changed...have people forgotten about putting contracts on characters...or are the top 10 too scared to play so can't be moved? ......... Moved? I mean killed!!!!!

Ooooh! I've got myself going again ... I don't feel so old any more.. I feel like I could take on the world and win...maybe take on a mortal and win!!!! So watch out you hideaway top 10 highlifes, I'm coming to get yas! ....... Oh ya better believe it! ...

Because ...

I AM....


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