Muddled Times

The following is a list of MUD2 and MUD2-related websites, both active and archived. All sorts of information relating to the game in general and the incarnation and its players can be found by reading on...

The hyperlinks within each grouping are randomised so as to avoid favouritism. Websites
 The official website!
 Large store of news, comment, statistics and stories; previously frequently updated (archive).
Heiach's Muddle
 Keep up-to-date with MUDII with this website which is full of charts, bash reports, persona profiles amongst other things.
 A repository of the great; the oldest Wireplay MUD2 website. Cat the wizard's site.
Hawumph's MUD2 Website
 Top 10s, mudmeet photos, and a large collection of player logs.
Vulnax's Vault of Virtual Veracity
 Vulnax's "cute little web site" covering the activities of MUD2 (archive).
Morloc's MUD2 Website
 Tales, snails, and the Duke Nukem conversion (archive).


Wireplay - MUD2 Forum Archive
 Wireplay MUD2 Archives, pre-August 2001.
MUDII Forums
 Official MUDII forums.

Client Software

zMUD (Zuggsoft)
Clio (Tabitha)
TWPMUD2 (Turrican)
Mud2pj Client (Havoc's old client)
MUDII Client (Havoc's new client)

Other MUD2-related Websites

Richard Bartle's web site
 Immense archive of works relating to MUD2 and its creator; of great historical importance (also includes much of his non-MUD work).
Admiral Bombow's Chronicles's magazine.
Measuring Bartle-quotient
 Interesting web survey/personality test based on Richard's HCDS paper.
 The other MUD2!
British Legends (MUD1)
 Freely accessible implementation of British Legends (MUD1) by Viktor Toth.
MUD2.COM NOW!'s dynamic news board and web forum.
The MUD Companion
 A printed magazine for the players and administrators of MUDs.
Wireplay UK
 The online gaming service, ex-home to MUDII.
 The official website of the company behind MUD2.
Tobias's MUD2 Site
 A nostalgic reflection on MUD2's past (archive).


The Magical World of Peter Pracownik
 Peter Pracownik's website of fantasy art.
Jen Dolan's artwork
 Jen Dolan's (Stormborn) artwork from Elfwood.