Muddled Times
Welcome to Issue 17!
A message from the editor.
-News & Gossip
Wizrundave is a little worse for wear this issue, but manages to sober up just long enough to bring us his critical review of the current highlifes.
Read articles written about MUD2.
-Game Information
This section holds lots of goodies for the new and not so new MUD2 player.
Many people have been inspired to write fictional work based within The Land of MUD2.
Another one from the archives - here is Lexley's highly entertaining quiz. There's points to be won too!
Ever wondered who that mysterious player called Iio was? Now's your chance to find out!
The top 100 is back again this issue. Find out if you've made the chart over the last two months right here.
Features about events run on MUD2.
-Feedback Form
Send us feedback to let us know what you think about this issue.