Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 11, August 2001

The Tails of Hobo - the Littlest (and only!) MUD Dog

In the deepest reaches of the Evil Wood lives a little dog called Hobo. Due to a fight with the Vampire, he has only three legs but he can still dance. Desperate to make his fortune he sets off to start his career as a dancing dog. He gets to the rapids only to find Foz and Jincks drinking pints of Foster!

"Dance! Dance we say!" yelled Foz like a Horse Whisperer.

So Hobo danced and danced. After two days Foz and Jincks left to find their lost youth only to drown on the seas of Kranken.

Hobo cried and cried. He was so desperate to dance in front of the Kings of The Land - King Bartle and his steward Foddy Boddy of Lexley Land. So Hobo went north in search of fame and finesse. He came to a giant gate guarded by Drucilla and her slave in a lead, Reverence.

"Go boy! Kill Hobo!" she commanded to her slave.

Reverence lept on Hobo and began to maul him. Hobo thought this was the end till thier eyes met. Hobo was aroused beyond belief and Reverence too was excited. Reverence realised his mistake and killed Drucilla. Within three days, Reverence and Hobo were married and enjoying a healthy sexual relationship.

Unfortunetly Reverence slipped a disk and couldnt stand up from a crouching position. Hobo unmounted him and left him to die. Hobo walked away, all the time Reverence screamed "Dont leave me like this!" As Hobo got further away he heard a distant shout of "Benny! Stay away!" and he knew Reverence was in good hands!

Hobo reached a large gate. He knew that the Bartle palace lay beyond it. He stepped foward. Suddenly out jumped Azrael and Joey, good friends and great warriors. Azrael carried the large boat while Joey carried a lit brand ...

Is this the end for Hobo?

To be continued ...

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