Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 11, August 2001

Now, the only reason im writing this is because I too am now a webmaster and so I too hate it when people dont submit things so here we go.

Reasons why Karya is a better wiz than I ever was ...

  1. She scored the points.
  2. She wouldn't crash the game and think it was funny.
  3. She designed a decent website.
  4. She wouldn't fod Dclxvi and laugh.
  5. She would fod Dclxvi and laugh.
  6. She has more patience than a Chinese motorcycle!
  7. She can handle her drink.
  8. She has the respect of her mortals and Foddy as her bodyguard.
  9. She owns property.
  10. She can control her temper.

Thank you,


(Editor - Personally I think only two of the above are true ...)

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