Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 11, August 2001
Section:News & Gossip

Tattler's Tittle-Tattle

Well, it's been a couple of issues since you have heard from me. All is still quiet on the gossip front, but here are a couple of titbits for you.

New Wiz

Well, what can I say, other than congratulations to our new wiz Azrael? Along with everyone else, I agree it is about time, too! Question is, is this going to trigger the wiz rush that we saw last year? I guess only time will tell.

Baby Boom

What is going on? It appears that a few of us have begun to create the next mud generation! Congratulations to Maniac on his new baby son, not long before he will be having a playing partner courtesy of Marlight and Poledra. Hot gossip also just in for all those old players out there: Crowley and Rosie are about 9 weeks away from their new addition as well. Best of luck to you all but for the rest of us, take this as a warning to all those of you looking to play MUD undisturbed stay away from the spring - there is definitely something in the water!

Easy Meet

I was pessimistic about the Blackpool meet in my last column, but I needn't have worried. Joey and entourage failed to turn up to ruin the meet, as his alter-ego Ucas claimed. My sources, who are varied and mixed, informed me that he was so scared about the response he would face that he stayed well clear and everyone present had an enjoyable weekend. Luckily his fear extended to the following Oldham meet also where another weekend of relaxed mud player bonding occured. The only worry now is whether Jincks, semi-offical meet organiser, will arrange another weekend meet since she was heard to have said she was worried about attendance figures due to the game's popularity going down with charging starting.

Muddy Love

Drucilla the annoying has well and truly sunk her teeth, fangs, claws and all into Reverence, who seems to have totally lost any possibilities of escaping. Drucilla has frequently been spotted lamenting, "Where art thou, Reverence?" from across the land. Is he deliberately avoiding his muddy girlfriend or is he elsewhere preoccupied? But more recently, and possibly more worrying, is that neither of them has been seen at all! Has Drucilla locked up Reverence for her own pleasure? Urgh, not a pleasant thought!

The empty space left by Reverence and Drucilla in the tearoom was soon filled by another young couple, Ladyfire and Sabretooth. Both have been seen frequently drooling over each other in the tearoom, much to the bemusement of the regulars. Is there true love in the air? Will they get it together before the die-hard land-goers drown in their own vomit?

All quiet on the tearoom front

Well, you can hear a pin drop at the moment - could it be any quieter? Where has everyone disappeared to? Come on out of the woodwork with you! The tearoom is just screaming for some new gossip, those walls have ears and those ears keep me going... you see the pattern here? Come on in, the tea is lovely!

Well, that's all I've got this time! See you next issue with hopefully more dirt on you all.


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