Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 7, December 2000

Know Thy Neighbour!!

How well do you know the other personae who populate The Land of Mud2? There follows for the next three issues a series of different sections which will test your knowledge of the names of personae known to frequent this world we call Mud2. Collect your answers together then send them to The three people who obtain the highest scores will win the prize of 1000 points each to a non-mage persona, so get cracking! At the end of the series of quizzes there will be a cumulative prize also.

The Cryptic Round

Below are clues to the names of 23 different personae who regularly play Mud2 and should be relatively well known. Your task is to name the persona each clue is referring to.

  1. Stars in her eyes.
  2. He's permanently, evilly onomatopoeic.
  3. Messenger of God, or one of the fallen?
  4. In too deep?
  5. Used to outshine her Gormenghastly sister.
  6. I wonder what's under that kilt?
  7. Like tranquillity, just spelt differently.
  8. Does her prefix have a double meaning?
  9. Apparently, he has his own modern life.
  10. Prefixed after a certain sword.
  11. Queen of flattery.
  12. A smiley steam engine (not Thomas).
  13. Delicious spread thinly on toast. 100% vegetarian.
  14. The largest member of the Muddled Times.
  15. A Consonant please Carol. And another. And another. And another.
  16. Container for intestines, or just plain greedy.
  17. Revelation 13:18.
  18. She used to be Melancholy 24/7, now it's just occasional.
  19. She's a bad luck charm.
  20. Gaze in awe.
  21. Fast finger movement.
  22. Small, furry fruititarian.
  23. Derangedmoron.

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