Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 6, October 2000

Sounds of Bristol

Last month there was a mudmeet organised by Jincks held at the Old Fish Market pub in Bristol. This time I took along a dictaphone, and some of the results are very funny!

The following sound bytes will be downloaded as mp3's but some of them are rather large so could take a while to download (most should download in under a minute, but one may take up to 8 minutes). There is a lot of background noise in some of the sound bytes so you may have to listen carefully to some of them. Be warned, these sound bytes are uncensored.

Click on the speaker icons after the descriptions to hear what was said.

The Mudmeet.

Various players give their opinions on the mudmeet.

  • Belgarion on the mudmeet and mud in general.
  • Antman claims not to be at the meet ...
  • Even the maiden (Poledra) turned up!
  • Jincks gives details on the next mudmeet.
  • Jincks says why she should be a wiz.
  • Turrican by proxy (Tom).

The Crash.

This is how the crash affected some of our players:

  • Antman obviously feels very strongly about the crash.
  • Boggy shows his finger is always on the pulse.
  • ... and Tom is clearly dedicated to the cause.

Dclxvi meets Foddy!

  • Foddy harasses Dclxvi not once ...
  • ... not twice ...
  • ... but three times!

Richards Views.

Richard gives his views on:

  • The Giant Realm.
  • Curfews.

Classic Quotes.

  • Dclxvi drunk!
  • Reverence on being mortal.
  • Dclxvi on Turrican.
  • Jincks on Turrican.
  • Jincks on Wales as a potential mudmeet destination.

If Wizzes were a mobile, which mobile would they be?

This is a question put to some of the players.

  • Poledra on wizzes in general.
  • Belgarion on Boggy.
  • Cloud on Turrican.
  • Foz on Antman.
  • Grumpy on Turrican.
  • Jincks on wizzes in general.
  • Richard on Umbrarg.
  • Richard on Lexley.
  • Richard on Maelstrom.
  • Richard on Xia.
  • Richard on Antman and Boggy.
  • Richard on Gandalf.
  • Richard on Reverence.
  • Richard on Lestat.
  • Richard on Kyric.
  • Richard on Smurf.
  • Richard on himself! (let us know us know why you think Richard chose the canary for himself by writing to, the first person with the correct answer gets a prize, as does the person with the most inventive answer!)

    If you think you've survived the mudmeed unscathed, don't relax yet, there will be more sound bytes in the next edition of Muddled Times!

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