Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 6, October 2000

Do you want to win fabulous prizes for completing a simple puzzle testing your MUD2 knowledge? Don't we all! Maybe next time - but until then, we have a fiendishly difficult crossword puzzle for you to complete. The first three correct entries get fabulous ... egos!

1aHow both the tazza and a candle may be described. (10)
7aThe number of '11 down's in the game. (3)
9aThe clown appears to be made of this. (5)
12aA loud noise, caused by excessive stroking. (3)
13aThis inquisitive mammal is rarely seen. (5)
14aWhat in the wolfbane's description could kill the Cat? (7)
16aThe most awesome room in the game is sometimes reduced to this. (3)
17aThe shape of one of many ways to prevent a beating by force. (7)
18aFind a toilet, you ill-mannered oaf! (3)
19aThe beginnings of an ancient game within the game. (10)
1dThe lobster or crab is a good example of one of these. (10)
2dRoy's initials. (2)
3dA creature no more deadly than the ram. (3)
4dThe smallest sort of mobile! (2)
5dA player who may one day raise the dead. (5)
6dAnother way of abandoning a tour. (5)
8dYou are drawn to the sublime beauty of this ... (10)
10dPicking this legendary flower could leave you stone cold. (8)
11dYou'd look right through these if you were giant. (8)
15dI always seem to run into this in the shrubbery. (5)
16dYou may well have to do your nut in to get this. (5)

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