Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 5, August 2000

Cordelia's Dingbats!

Do you remember Dingbats? Here's your chance to play them again. All the clues below refer to something in the world of MUD2. Can you work out what they represent?

If so, send your 12 answers to and you could win 2k, if you are one of the first three players to send all the correct answers in.

Dingbat 1

Dingbat 2

Dingbat 3

Dingbat 4

Dingbat 5

Dingbat 6

Dingbat 7

Dingbat 8

Dingbat 9

Dingbat 10

Dingbat 11

Dingbat 12

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