Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 29, March 2005

Top 100, Dead or Alive

This chart shows the top 100 mortals who have played over the last three months (1st December - 28th February 2005).

The top 100 represents the highest score that each individual player achieved at any point in time during the last three months, regardless of whether they have died later. You also get to see the players' level (and even prefix) at the time they reached their highest score.

Interesting facts for this chart:

  • Dragon-slaying is popular - 15% of players have reached their highest score during this period having killed the dragon that reset.
  • Warlocks make up 41% of the top 100.
  • No persona names in this top 100 start with the letters Q, X or Y.

I hope you enjoyed this issue's charts!

Top 100 Mortals, December 2004-February 2005

1Joejitzu the mage (Player of the Month)
2Carl the mage
3Altftwo the dragon-slaying mage
4Gizmo the mage
5Tesoro the mage
6Fishtaco the mage
7Cucullain the dragonfly-slaying mage
8Kinetic the mage
9Crazydude the mage
10Starvnmarv the dragon-slaying mage
11Archangel the mage from heaven
12Amy the mage
13Laura the mage
14Lucasbuck the mage
15Strider the mage
16Preciousss the mage
17Dominus the mage
18Morgana the matriarch
19Digdug the warlock
20Wayzgoose the matriarch
21Horny the devilish matriarch
22Zoltan the warlock
23Nemesis the dragon-slaying warlock
24Crobar the dragon-slaying warlock
25Nick the dragon-slaying warlock
26Footpad the warlock
27Umbongo the warlock
28Crawley the dragon-slaying warlock
29Brooke the dragon-slaying warlock
30Sin the warlock
31Winterborn the patriarch
32Trollop the warlock
33Hamster the warlock
34Bobbafett the warlock
35Incognito the patriarch
36Jimmy the dragon-slaying warlock
37Fathom the deep legend
38Baz the warlock
39Serenety the warlock
40Wizmort the warlock
41Cenedra the matriarch
42Rakshasa the dragon-slaying warlock
43Uncleben the warlock
44Sentinel the warlock
45Gilgamesh the dragonfly-slaying patriarch
46Sinderella the matriarch
47Vordai the warlock of the fens
48Reddevil the dragon-slaying warlock
49Titch the warlock
50Demonesss the warlock
51Pandora the warlock
52Heiach the warlock
53Gemz the diamante warlock
54Kitty the warlock
55Drevipo the warlock
56Vulnax the surrealist warlock
57Spooky the warlock
58Washu the dragon-slaying warlock
59Akira the warlock
60Missy the matriarch
61Chelsea the warlock
62Dronko the merry matriarch
63Gehenna the warlock
64Apeomancer the warlock
65Presto the warlock
66Wench the warlock
67Ocasey the warlock
68Elizabeth the warlock
69Trinity the warlock
70Tharg the necromancer
71Snowstorm the dragon-slaying, frosty necromancess
72Bloomdido the prelate
73Confused the necromancer
74Howard the necromancer
75Jacob the necromancess
76Hellboy the necromancess
77Calliss the necromancess
78Lasertoner the dragon-slaying necromancess
79Kungfuey the necromancer
80Tigeress the necromancess
81Shintu the guardienne
82Maraschino the necromancer
83Wulingshu the necromancer
84Zemyna the necromancess
85Eric the necromancer
86Tanis the necromancer
87Eyeball the dragon-slaying necromancess
88Delirium the necromancess
89Rikku the necromancer
90Samhanach the necromancer
91Void the necromancer
92Drumbillet the necromancer
93Boddington the necromancer
94Bandit the dragon-slaying necromancer
95Renegade the necromancess
96Amusement the necromancer
97Paprika the necromancer
98Firedemon the necromancer
99Magikal the necromancess
100Gothik the necromancer

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