Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 28, September 2004
Section:Game Information

Rumour Has It - Part 5

If MUD2 is a fresh dish, then bare in mind ...

  • ... that the ox doesn't just produce any old shit; It's good fertilizer.
  • ... that hedgehog football can be the start of something wonderful.
  • ... that much can be learned from gazing in mirrors.
  • ... that dwarfen spring water is very refreshing.
  • ... that dropping your boat in a fight will give you much bigger hits.
  • ... that appropriately filling the winerack or the bookshelf will be rewarded.
  • ... that a tipple of malmsey is the road to quick recovery for the sniffles.
  • ... that it's well worth playing with the violin.
  • ... that doing the dishes is a worthy chore.
  • ... that a lot of things you can wear have special properties.

If your keyboard has go-faster stripes, then did you should know ...

  • ... that certain undead creatures hassle you less if you have a certain item found in a cave.
  • ... that the weight of wafers is important.
  • ... that bringing all of the parts of the body together by a grave will assist you in combat.
  • ... that long armed weapons are more effective against sea life.
  • ... that there are three routes to under the yew.
  • ... that you can flush things down the toilets.
  • ... that skeletons are cowards in the face of weapons of bone.
  • ... that necromancers can command the undead to slay their enemies.
  • ... that stone rats make for easier points.
  • ... that more creatures than you might think can be enlisted to your aid.
  • ... that a charged pendant is a useful pendant.
  • ... that the touchstone is useful as a magic user.

If you type one-handed to even the playing field, see if you knew ...

  • ... that you can swamp the crown more than the basic three times per reset.
  • ... that there are many useful ways of throwing the pointers.
  • ... that evil magic can be obtain at the ring of stones.
  • ... that the mattress is good for soft landings in a fair few locations.
  • ... that there's a safe way into the sorcerers room for people without magic.
  • ... that spell protection items lower magic resistance.
  • ... that you can regularly achieve over 120 eff dex without the litter.
  • ... that you can escape flee loops by silly deathing yourself on command.
  • ... that you can set up notification for when someone leaves the tea room.
  • ... that the wolf can be made to be a deadly trap.
  • ... that your choice of attire can pacify aggressive mobiles.
  • ... that there are at least a couple of ways of reaching the ship during bad weather.
  • ... that the grandfather clock sequences follow one of three preset courses.
  • ... that the hedgehog can be forcibly reset.
  • ... that all wandering mobiles can be motivated to move.
  • ... that there many ways of reaching the dragons isle without the documentation.


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