Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 27, June 2004
Section:Game Information

Rumour Has It - Part 4

With the help of Thwomp, Havoc has provided us with another set of rumours for us to ponder over. Read through the following hints before filling in the questionnaire associated with this article.


I stumbled across a useful trick with the ogre the other day. The ogre had just dispatched the thief. Curiously enough it wasn't carrying its club, nor any weapon of any sort! Now how can that be ...?

Ever wondered how someone survived so many times in a row? Well, heat protection negates the dreaded flames of failure.

Here's a hint for all those "help pc" whiners. There are two ways in that are big enough for you to fit through, and most everybody knows them. To add to that though, there are multiple entries to two ways in that you won't fit through - or at least you won't survive them if you try. These can be utilised with any of five different objects to gain access. Enough said! Get thinking!

Burly's proving to be a bit of a hassle? No problem! Done properly, pestering the little one will anger the queen and cause her to open the way for you to by-pass them.

Archways or the vampire costing you your site? Not to worry! A certain item of attire to be found in the west of The Land will put a stop to it. All for a cost of course, which you should still find acceptable.

Not allowed out of the garden by big ol' bossy boots? Nasty mobiles stealing all your keep treasure on the way to the swamp? By-pass them all! Go leather! Go sturdy!

I thought I was going to win the fight. That is, until my foe upturned a boatload of rats on me! Now how did they manage that?!

Viper or the wyvern caught you unawares? No phial handy? Not to worry (too much) there's a warlock spell to help you out. You can cast it at lower levels with no ill effects. Be warned though, the effect is not as long lasting as those trusty phials.

One of the best conduits to places you can't otherwise reach, also doubles as a host for a dilapidated garden, gallery and mansion.

Pesky wizzes interfering? Gone and deafened your hero again while you were doing the hedgehog? Not to fear! You won't hear the notes to "Love Story" but the next thing you'll hear is bound to be the rushing of water and the creaking of evil trees.

Our furry friend bays for twice the points if his bane is placed at his feet. Not only that but the bonus increases proportional to the number of players at its location. The bonus is shared though, so you do have to be somewhat altruistic.

Thief runs off with your kit? He's all tooled up, leaving you with no hope of pulling off steals or a fight? No matter! Turn a vice of his against him, and you'll be collecting up all your kit risk free.

Regal it may be, but an illusion it is. Provide it a fish and it will abandon its valuable pelt.

Skeleton not taking kindly to your attempted advances? Not a problem, you just need protection. A common liquid can be blessed by pouring it into a certain stone of saintly life. A suitable vestibule is required, apart from that it's easy. Just be sure to have it on you before you get into trouble. This same trick can be used to inflict damage on any undead. The key is to work out the exact time at which it will break on impact. Don't do this unless you're happy to start a fight of course!

Short on time? That dusty tome with its' strange oriental characters never did mention the adjective "water" now did it?

It's annoying to extricate, but the osselesu is the same to the majority of dwarfs as some things are to vampires.

After that tome with your grubby little hands? Who ever said you had to fight for it?!

Too lazy to dispatch our pavonine-skinned friend in a fight? All sorts of beasties can be effectively summoned to do the dirty work for you. They just have to all have one thing in common.

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