Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 23, August 2003
Section:Game Information

Rumour has it ...

... that all keys are by nature expertly tooled. Some are just a little rusty and require a little lamp oil.

... Papaflame will be changing his name to Papastatic after long being frustrated with the attempts to bring death by flame to his enemies.

... that after a bit of help with the statues, Carl does the keep on his own!

... that Sonic, Carl, Havoc, Cheerbear and Hayt had planned an expedition to the goblin realm. Unfortunately Sonic lost his kit in the water, Carl needed to shower, Havoc had a rock climbing engagement, nobody wanted to help poor Cheerbear, and Hayt had suddenly disappeared only to be later found stuck on the toilet. What a shambles!

... that Verdant had a long night with the exceptionally large goblin. Pity no-one ever told him that the goblin is a coward when it comes to fire.

... that Verdant's been playing with the flute, only to find that the rats are disinterested. Not exactly trusting a certain columnist, he boldly stepped into the bunker and timidly entered: GET ALL. Note quite what he was expecting but..

... that the broadsword and a fungus aggravate the fiery breath. Poor Mao.

... that showing the skeleton the finger will get him out of your way.

... that an arrangement of red, white and gold should be presented, according to tradition, to the dead for a proportional reward.

... that Scud is smelly. Well, flowers can be too. Some with magical effect ...

... that with persistence, tea can be far more informative and useful than books.

... that Freya has found an innovative way of solving the swamp puzzle super fast when using three people. Woodnymph-reliants beware!

... that a certain pp hoover didn't know what happens when you rub two sticks together!

... that going for the rats is when you get caught out by nasty PKers. Aw ... But seriously, there's been talk that the bunker is a very safe place indeed, under the right conditions.

... that it makes for a gloomy reset if you're invisible and swamping large amounts of t.

... that Crowley recently found out that a boat can literally be stolen out from under your feet! Hope that was some consolation to Killdozer, who dropped carrier and got killed by said mage. Naughty Crowley.

... that Havoc's only just found out that you can simply walk into "Il Castleair" keyless!

... that Gilgamesh has been experimenting with one of the Lost Scrolls items, and found that you should move the ox in order to be able to experiment more. He says it's not about dropping, it's about throwing.

... that Laura has discovered inbuilt cheat codes which she claims grant guaranteed steals and impossibly good hits. Fortyplus denies it course, suggesting that writing 'steal me' on a cardboard box full of wafers while vis as a warlock probably makes the difference. He did concede that perhaps saying ELTRAB might be the key however.

... that good map making will reveal that the vicious rocks are just three movements away from the concealed inlet.

... that there is yet another way around those sneering statues. Simply ply a certain humanoid with a certain liquid for help and accompaniment (plus the occasional kiss or kick). Of course he can't control his habit so watch out just how much you give him!

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