Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 21, April 2003
Section:Game Information

Lost Scrolls of Wisdom - Helper

Is it all a bit too much like hard work!? Go for the short words first - they're easier to crack. In " Lost Scrolls of Wisdom - Part I", word 2 "XBR" is repeated often. The most common three letter words are AND and THE. The "XB" pattern crops up on the end of word 4, another short word. If "XBR" means THE then "IHXB" is probably going to mean WITH. This is not contracted by the "XE XBR" pattern lower down, which could quite possibly mean TO THE. "R" is also very likely a vowel, and therefor not the D of AND, as it is used as a double letter. There are lots more patterns like this to be found in the text. If you need, try looking at some regular unencoded text for inspiration. With a few key letters and a few good guesses for words, the solution should come quickly. This skill will come in handy in The Land too. ... Not sure about that? Well, it could just be a red sceptre, err, herring.

To get you started, here's a mean little scroll (no connection to a certain dwarf - honest). I came by it after mugging an suspicious little Lepricorn. Seems like the guy had solved most of it, not sure I like his hand-writting much mind ...

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