Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 20, February 2003

Muddled Mobiles

Wandering around The Land during the normal course of a reset you may come across all of the following mobiles. But this reset there is something wrong with them all. Some how their identities have become confused with other mobiles. Can you tell which mobiles? Send in your answers to

1. Rat0

Coal bunker.
You are in a coal bunker, just off the cellar. The only way out is to the east, where
there is the cellar doorway. The atmosphere is thick with coal dust. To the south is a
very small tunnel which you couldn't possibly enter even if you tried. The coal dust is
particularly thick and dusty in the region near the door. A mean-looking black rat (rat0)
bares its razor-sharp incisors at you.

2. Griffin

Fourth floor of keep.
As soon as your eyes rest on the walls, it is clear to you that it is no ordinary room,
for they are painted in the emerald green and gold-flecked scarlet of the imperial
griffin. An entire section of masonry appears to have been blown out, leaving a gaping
hole in the wall that provides a dizzying view of a stream, pond and river to the west.
A weathered spiral staircase adjacent to the opening leads to the rooms above and below. 
Before you crouches the dangerously powerful form of a large, majestic griffin.

3. Raven

Ford across river.
You are standing on a ford across a fast-flowing river. To the west is a badly-paved
road, which carries on into the distance. Northwest is a ramshackle old building, and
southwest is some sort of well. South lies a forest, and north is the west bank of the 
river you now cross. The ford goes beneath the water level to the east, but you can
still go that way if you so desire. A dark, bedraggled raven swoops about your head.

4. Maiden

Top floor of keep.
You find yourself in a rectangular room. A flight of spiral stairs in the southwest
corner leads downwards, and there are openings in the northwest and northeast walls onto 
a pair of matching alcoves. A small slit window in the south wall lets in light enough
by which to see, while providing a commanding view of a lane some six storeys below you
that threads away towards a monastery. A beautiful, dark-haired maiden stands
provocatively before you.

5. Eagle

Dwarfen pasture.
This is a pasture to the south of the entrance to the citadel, the as yet unripe wheat 
swaying to and fro' to unseen winds. To the south and east are forests of oak. Beating 
its enormous wings above you is an immense golden eagle.

6. Baby Dwarf

You are out at sea, midway between a beach to the east, some slippery rocks to the
southeast, and a wrecked galleon to the west. A baby dwarf rises from the sea before 

7. Bee0

You are wandering in a pleasant maze of hedges.
A busy bee (bee0) the size of a cat wanders here! 

8. Hunchback

Dense forest.
You are wandering around in some dense forest, to the south of a pleasant pasture, and 
to the west of a fuming swamp. To the southwest the forest opens up onto a magical
glade. A handsome hunchback scowls at you from the shadows.

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