Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 20, February 2003

Top 100, Dead or Alive

This chart shows the top 100 mortals who have played over the last two months (1st December 2002 - 31st January 2003).

The top 100 represents the highest score that each individual player achieved at any point in time during the last two months, regardless of whether they have died later. You also get to see the players' level (and even prefix) at the time they reached their highest score.

Interesting facts for this issue:

  • Of the top 100 players from the last issue, only 39 remain in this issue.
  • Dragon-slaying appears to be on the decline.
  • The "extravagant" players were taking part in the Christmas Extravaganza.

I hope you enjoyed this issue's charts!

Top 100 Mortals, December 2002/January 2003

1Flashback the mage
2Andi the mage
3Gza the mage
4Kerriann the mage
5Jeane the mage
6Cheyenne the mage
7Outkast the mage
8Maxmage the dragon-slaying, questing mage
9Dragon-slaying Lady Veni
10Infested the mage
11Trundl the mage
12Huey the mage
13Stan the dragon-slaying mage
14Archangel the mage from heaven
15Aurora the mage
16Roobarb the mage
17Moondancer the mage
18Gilgamesh the dragonfly-slaying patriarch
19Jalapeno the warlock
20Fleapowder the warlock
21Countess the country warlock
22Footpad the warlock
23Talula the warlock
24Dirk the daring warlock
25Killdozer the warlock
26Teneighty the warlock
27Noodles the warlock
28Corwin the nonpareil warlock
29Galahad the warlock
30Revenant the warlock
31Vulnax the warlock
32Colin the extravagant warlock
33Fullcircle the warlock
34Itanic the patriarch
35Thwomp the warlock
36Severina the warlock
37Kochanski the warlock
38Apeomancer the warlock
39Gloomy the warlock
40Marcus the dragon-slaying warlock
41Jungleboy the dragon-slaying warlock
42Tester the dragon-slaying warlock
43Bigphil the warlock
44Gti the warlock
45Kazoo the warlock
46Gehenna the warlock
47Angel the warlock
48Yar the warlock
49Reverse the warlock
50Merlinsdad the warlock
51Tharg the warlock
52Miath the enthusiastic necromancer
53Scrooge the extravagant necromancess
54Scooby the necromancer
55Fallout the necromancer
56Bloke the necromancer
57Fade the necromancer
58Akroma the necromancess
59Trouble the necromancer
60Sasa the necromancess
61Isileth the necromancess
62Chronic the necromancer
63Confused the necromancer
64Indigo the bash-general necromancess
65Nantuko the dragon-slaying necromancer
66Frugle the necromancer
67Eric the necromancer
68Drumbillet the necromancer
69Chewiebaca the necromancess
70Zordell the delirious necromancess
71Kil the dragon-slaying necromancer
72Chopin the necromancer
73Kenny the necromancer
74Carrott the necromancer
75Biggles the extravagant necromancer
76Ash the necromancer
77Nemesis the necromancer
78Laura the necromancess
79Mox the necromancer
80Magikal the necromancer
81Heiach the prelate
82Chuggachug the necromancer
83Daggaz the necromancess
84Revenger the dragon-slaying necromancer
85Liar the necromancer
86Floyyd the prelate
87Evilted the extravagant guardian
88Polymorph the extravagant necromancess
89Werewolf the necromancer
90Gnasher the necromancer
91Caleb the dragon-slaying guardian
92Pinball the necromancer
93Sandy the extravagant necromancess
94Elena the necromancess
95Insolence the extravagant necromancer
96Stinkycat the extravagant championne
97Shentau the sorcerer
98Pippin the sorcerer
99Lidder the extravagant championne
100Hitman the sorcerer

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