Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002

Top 100, Dead or Alive

This chart shows the top 100 mortals who have played over the last two months (1st April - 31st May 2002).

The top 100 represents the highest score that each individual player achieved at any point in time during the last two months, regardless of whether they have died later. You also get to see the players' level (and even prefix) at the time they reached their highest score.

We thought it would be fun to give out a few little awards:

  • Zeon (number 3) wins the award for the silliest title while achieving his highest score. We believe he died shortly after this.
  • Muteboy (number 66) for having the most inappropriate prefix ... and gender! I'm afraid Muteboy also died shortly after this.
  • Ragamuffin (number 68) for having the silliest prefix. Unfortunately, Ragamuffin hasn't died yet.

Good luck for the next issue's charts!

Top 100 Mortals, April/May 2002

1Abigail the mage
2Rjw the mage
3Dragon-slaying, solitary Sir Zeon
4Xecutioner the mage
5Wizrundave the dragon-slaying mage
6Humpy the dragon-slaying mage
7Zanthia the mage
8Cheyenne the dragon-slaying mage
9Gherkin the mage
10Gza the mage
11Robin the dragon-slaying mage
12Outkast the mage
13Alabama the mage
14Hawumph the tarty mage
15Jana the dragonfly-slaying mage
16Wiley the mage
17Katamati the dragon-slaying mage
18Godzilla the mage
19Terraforma the dragon-slaying mage
20Squaremeal the dragon-slaying mage
21Bammargera the mage
22Archangel the mage
23Pacman the mage
24Sir Heretic
25Loki the mage
26Ripper the dragon-slaying warlock
27Seamus the warlock
28Crook the warlock
29Venger the warlock
30Chopin the warlock
31Orgasm the dragon-slaying warlock
32Dopey the dwarfen warlock
33Ajabajazoo the dragon-slaying warlock
34Maxmage the questing warlock
35Ursula the presumptuous warlock
36Warlord the warlock
37Pechanga the warlock
38Cobweb the warlock
39Priarzeelf the dragonfly-slaying warlock
40Zool the warlock
41Fetish the warlock
42Serenety the dragon-slaying matriarch
43Galahad the warlock
44Noob the dragon-slaying warlock
45Chilledout the warlock
46Evilted the extravagant warlock
47Zam the dragon-slaying warlock
48Kochanski the dragonfly-slaying warlock
49Revenant the warlock
50Ascendant the warlock
51Severina the matriarch
52Angel the warlock
53Satan the warlock
54Bigphil the warlock
55Corsair the warlock
56Elizabeth the warlock
57Curt the patriarch
58Hobnoblin the bash-general warlock
59Tharg the warlock
60Zenith the prelate
61Ish the extravagant necromancess
62Merlin the extravagant necromancer
63Azzuri the necromancess
64Apeomancer the surrealist necromancess
65Akira the dragon-slaying necromancer
66Muteboy the bash-general necromancess
67Billygoat the necromancer
68Ragamuffin the zombie-zonking necromancess
69Anelka the necromancer
70Tai the necromancess
71Philosophy the dragonfly-slaying necromancer
72Bloke the necromancer
73Vulnax the necromancess
74Gladrags the necromancess
75Aybbtm the necromancess
76Turnip the bored necromancer
77Emperor the dragon-slaying necromancer
78Nelson the necromancess
79Noxious the extravagant necromancer
80Cutipie the necromancess
81Raistlin the necromancer
82Gehenna the necromancess
83Chopen the necromancer
84Creep the necromancer
85Bungle the necromancer
86Trouble the necromancer
87Lbd the necromancer
88Torak the necromancer
89Dainty the necromancess
90Mystell the necromancess
91Eyetooth the necromancer
92Seve the necromancess
93Squiffy the necromancer
94Kitty the necromancess of diamonds
95Isileth the dragon-slaying necromancer
96Eric the necromancer
97Carrott the necromancer
98Laura the bash-general necromancess
99Ea the necromancess
100Yuffie the necromancess


  • The two highest players on the chart went on to make wiz with these scores.
  • The players with the prefix "extravagant" were taking part in the April Extravaganza event.

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