Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002
Section:News & Gossip

Play More, Pay Less

If you've missed it, I don't know where you've been. The big news over the last two months has been the MUD2 price reduction.

We've been running MUD on for over a year now and for most of that time, we've been charging � a month for the pleasure. As was already running with these prices, it wouldn't have been possible to do otherwise.

However, we have always believed that � was too much - and a number of you let us know you felt this way, too! We introduced schemes to help bring the cost of playing down - including the happy hour, "introduce a friend" scheme and the peak-hour subscription.

Unfortunately, apart from the happy hour, these schemes haven't been all that popular. We've also run events and competitions with game time as prizes (and one where one lucky chap won a year's subscription to PS2 magazine.) But even after all that, the prices could still have done with being lower.

Thankfully, Viktor (the arch-wizard from finished the changes he was making to his billing software earlier this year which allowed him much greater flexibility with pricing. At the end of April, we agreed new prices for our two games.

The game now costs just �a month or � a year. This works out at less than half the original cost. A bargain, I assure you! Paying by the hour is also cheaper now, and the more hours you buy in one go, the cheaper it gets.

So, what now? The good news is that the happy hour, introduce a friend scheme, peak-hour subscriptions and events are all here to stay. Unfortunately, to maintain the same high level of service you're used to, we now need more than twice the number of players.

We've had a good start as a number of the people who promised they would play when the prices came down have kept their word, but we've still got room for more. It's great to see some old faces, but what we really need now is newbies.

This is where you can help, whether you currently play or not. Tell your friends about the game, tell your family, tell your colleagues. MUD2 is a great game. It now has an excellent chance to be as popular as it ever was. And don't forget, for every newbie you introduce, you could receive 20 hours or an entire month for free!

See you all in The Land.



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