Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002
Author:Fruitbat & Karya

Designer Fruitbat!

Fruitbat needs a new image! He has challenged you lot to come up with one for him.

This is Fruitbat's current look:

Elizabethan tearoom.
*Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard has just arrived with a crash of thunder.
Elizabethan tearoom.
This cosy, Tudor period room is where all MUD adventures start. Its exposed
oak beams and soft, velvet-covered furniture provide it with the ideal
atmosphere in which to relax before venturing out into that strange, timeless
realm. A sense of decency and decorum prevails, and a feeling of kinship with
those who, like you, seek their destiny in The Land. When you are suitably
composed, you may enter that domain by stepping through an opening to the
north; however, you are welcome to stay here for as long as you like, sipping
tea and watching the world go by.
Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard is here.
*Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard waves.
*Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard makes some magical gestures.
*Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard fades from view.
*A male voice exclaims "boo!".
*Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard has suddenly become visible!
*Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard bows.
*Fruitbat the slaugtering wizard has just disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Apart from his slaughtering prefix, which is getting a bit cobwebby, it's all a bit uninspiring. Can you come up with something better?

For example:

  • Fruitbat the jovial wizard bounds in.
  • Grinning like a maniac Fruitbat the jovial wizard smirks at you.
  • Fruitbat the jovial wizard flaps his arms around wildly.
  • Fruitbat the jovial wizard laughs heartily then disappears before your eyes.
  • You can hear a distant chuckle getting louder then Fruitbat the jovial wizard appears!
  • Fruitbat the jovial wizard leaps out.

The person who comes up with the image that most suits Fruitbat wins himself or herself a free month, courtesy of Fruitbat!

Please send in your ideas before the next issue to in the format used in the above example.

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