Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002

You are seated in a motorised carriage, just prior to the beginning of the M25/M3 junction. All around you see other carriages, moving much slower than would be deemed usual for this type of conveyance.
north:          M25 motorway
south:          M25 motorway
east:           M3 motorway
west:           M3 motorway
You are on a motorway, which after much messing about final arrives in Colchester. To you're horror you realise that the scale on the map you were using when booking accomodation is of a scale not strictly accurate.
wh hotel
1 in the place known as "two and a half miles north of where you thought it was".
wh mudmeet
1 in the place known as "Yates Wine Lodge".
wh lodge
1 in the place known as "centre of Colchester".
You'll now get brief descriptions of rooms.
op door
The door opens.
You are underwhelmed at the fact that your booking in is one of many impersonal ones in this place.
Upstairs corridor
op door
The door opens.
Room 126
You are in a deeply impersonal room. There is a bed large enough for two, a table, some chairs, a cupboard with drawers. There is an open door to the west, and a closed door to the south.
Your belongings are strewn about the room.
op door.o.lock door.s.d.o
wh taxi
none found
OK, Hawumph sighs
zw................... etc for an hour in the blazing sun.
Steep hill
Outside Wine lodge
You stand before a large double portal, leading into a dingy interior. Sounds of merriment and an aroma of stale beer and nicotine assail your senses. A sign above the door reads "Yates Wine Lodge". There are two burly bouncers at either side of the entrance.
OK, you smile nervously at the bouncers, who eye you with disdain before parting to allow a narrow entrance to the interior.
Inside yates
You are standing in a vast arena, within which are areas of open space broken up by collections of tables and chairs. Much of the area is populated by groups of revelling personae, and there is a set of stairs to the east, which from the stream of ascending and descending people you discern to be the toilets. There is a bar to the north, and a small table with one occupant before you.
l table
The table is round, and much worn by age. It is surrounded by a group of chairs of assorted condition and size, at one of which you astutely notice Dr. Richard Bartle.
greet richard
Your greeting is warmly returned, so that you feel safe to take a seat.
You start to sit but almost immediately a spark of concern permeates your being.
l table
the table contains an orange juice and an empty ashtray.
OK, Hawumph gasps
n.wave to barmaid0.greet barmaid0.purchase guinness1.get glass.s.sit
The barmaid0 catches your eye.
Don't even think about it!
You feel relieved!
chat to Richard
You engage in gentle mud related conversation whilst awaiting the arrival of other personae. In the distance you spy familiar faces.
greet Pippin
greet Vulnax
greet Karya
greet Foddy
drink beer
Gulp gulp glug glug gulp glug SLURRRP! Down the hatch it goes!
pass around paper and pen. force player to "write your persona name" f paper
Your spell works, despite the presence of archane arch magic.
read paper
written on the paper is a list of attendees at the mudmeet
suggest people write other personae they use on the paper
Your spell amazingly works, and the paper is passed three times widdershins, at each passing gaining more and more lines of symbolism and arcana.
read paper
Your eyes absorb the detail of the paper's contents, but you feel unable to divulge this information.
remember list of interesting names
OK, the list of names is commited to memory!
discuss the relative sizes and merits of digital cameras
For your information: size does not matter, it's the megapixels that are important.
Pippin points out that Karya appears to be sporting multi-coloured hair, which he refers to as a blue rinse for some strange reason.
admire Karya's blue rinse
enjoy loud Grand National on blurred tv screen
drink more beer
Gulp gulp glug glug gulp glug SLURRRP! Down the hatch it goes!
set off in search of food
Outside chinese restaurant
The door's shut, can't you see, you berk?
unlock door.
The door is locked shut, and you don't have a key that will fit.
read door.
Written on a sign on the door is the message "Closed", and a list of times all pointing to the future.
walk through town
You are walking through some narrow back streets in Colchester.
You detect Pippin and Vulnax pumping you for information.
unpump player
You ably fend off attempted detection of wiz knowledge by Pippin and Vulnax, despite beer aura.
admire menu1 in hotel.
decide menu0 was better than menu1.
e.enter pub.drink beer.wait.w
go to original restaurant.
op door etc again.
read sign
The sign implies that serving should be occuring, yet the door resolutely resists the most ardent attempts at opening.
go to alternative Italian restaurant
Inside italiannate ristaurante
order food
To the north you see a laid back Pippin
n.n.feed amazingly hot pizza to Pippin.s
Pippin has eaten the hot pizza. He seemed to enjoy it.
Watch steam come from Pippin's ears.
In the distance you hear the strident tones of a mobile phone
vis player
The phantom form of a non-present Zordell seems to emanate from Pippin's mobile phone.
Chat to Zordell
Observe Vulnax sacrifice the Ox on his plate with sacrificial steakknife0
count calories in desserts
The number and variety of calories overwhelms your senses, leaving you uncannily grateful that you are not on any form of diet.
Gratefully watch as Foddy pay's the bill
Foddy detects your snoop, yet nevertheless generously pays for the meal.
wander around a few packed hotels in search of bottles
find quiet pub with excellent seating availability
drink beer and natter
decide on one last round, buy Karya a double vodka for the orange juice she has moved on to.
pour vodka2 in orange juice
The vodka2 mixes with the orange juice, though for some reason your hands are unsteady and you splash Karya with a potion2.
Karya the melancholy witch accepts your apology, though you feel you may be in trouble should it happen again.
plan last minute details of co-operative mud newsletter issue
You hastily draw up a few last minute cunning plans for the joint newsletter, hoping for inspiration after a long days dri.... um ......  THINKing!
OK, Hawumph yawns.
all are now tired
leave pub
bid all a fond farewell
And a fond farewell from me too!
enter richardcar0
In richardcar0
You are once again in a motorised conveyance, secure in the knowledge that no matter how happy the mudmeet personae became, your driver is stone cold sober.
leave richardcar0.thank
You stumble across the threshold.
in.up.n.op door
Upstairs corridor
The door opens
Room 126
The door closes
You fall asleep

----- reset in progress -----

----- mudmeet initialising -----

----- next mudmeet has been postponed - until when though? We hear plans of a summer one -----

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