Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002

Myths & Legends - The Rebels

[Letter begins]

In the beginning The Land was wealthy and at peace. Control of the trade between the southern ships and the dwarven mines gave the local lord the power to build the glories that can still be seen; the formal gardens, the great keep and the lavish house surrounded by olive groves. His wealth funded the monastery and the many traders who passed through the area demanded the highest levels of comfort from the 'Admiral Bombow'.

It was not to last.

Golden ages never do.

Wizards and witches, feigning friendship, gained access to The Land. At first no-one suspected their dark designs, but over time their diabolical influence was felt everywhere. The woods to the south became a place of dread. It was said vampires nested in the trees. The graveyard, once a place of burial, became the haunt of a ghoul which fed on the rotting corpses of the newly dead. Finally aroused from his blindness to what was happening, the Lord of The Land confronted the wizards and threatened them with the armies of the south. That very night, the wizards and witches called up a host of vile and fabulous creatures. Among them monsters of the underworld, goblins, wolves, ghasts, golems and zombies, spectres, ogres, faeries and orcs. Those inhabitants who did not flee were killed, or became the slaves, or worse the food of the dread army. Great storms lashed the sea and sky. Ships were wrecked, destroying entirely the trade on which The Land depended. Blizzards froze many who survived the intial assaults. Now The Land is at the mercy of these wizards. They flit from place to place at whim. They slay, or give mercy as it amuses them. Everywhere the buildings of The Land fall into ruin. Their loves are blood and slaughter. Only the dwarves had the strength to resist these foul powers, and they retreated deep within their underground stronghold, shunning all contact with mankind. Their deep fury leads them to slay any who try to gain entry, for fear that they may be witches in disguise. I said that only the dwarves had the power to resist the wizards. Yet there are humans in The Land who are not the puppets of the magical overlords. These free humans have constructed hidden caves beneath the middle mountain, and to the south of the pine forests. They have other outposts scattered throughout the region. These bold men and women work tirelessly to thwart the powers, and to bring back civilisation. These are the Rebels. Yes, these are the Rebels! These are the Rebel 'Scum' as the wizards call them. These are the bravest and the best whom the wizards are so desperate to seek out and destroy! You can help our cause. Give no aid or comfort to the Wizards and Witches! You can pass food and information between our rebel strongholds. If we work together the evil ones can be CRUSHED!

[Letter ends]


The rebel carrying this message was apprehended crossing the rough heath to the west of the belfry. On sighting the approaching wizard and entourage he took cyanide. The acting wizard was unable to reverse the process in time to extract any useful information from the subject. (Note, currently assigned to the western zombie guard). I recommend immediate excavation work begins around the site of the beacon atop the middle mountain, and that the patrols throughout the pines region be strengthened considerable. The rebels must be running short of supplies since we cut of their eastern route in May. If only we can find their centre of operations we can finish their effective presence for good. Further, I recommend that a Wizard be assigned to the purpose of directly combating the rebel propaganda with the real truth of events.

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