Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 15, April 2002

Bombow's Challenge

I, Admiral Bombow, challenge you to demonstrate your paltry knowledge of The Land with my Challenge. Simply answer the twenty questions below. I've even thrown this open to the Land-lubbers of, for all the good it may do them. And so there are no site-specific answers - the answers are the same for both AND!!!!!

Section One

Name the rooms from which the following description extracts are taken.

  1. "...a pleasant view of a majestic mountain and a castle..."
  2. "...dozens of machines of varying degrees of complexity..."
  3. "...curious fauna and strange, half-shadowed creatures..."
  4. "...a huge, marble-clad citadel surrounded by forest and pasture..."
  5. "...a rutted track threading its way through neglected olive groves..."

Section Two

Which is the odd one out, and why?

  1. bee0, swan, goblin10, wolf, ghoul, queen dwarf, rat0, wyvern.
  2. poker, logbook, bow, brand7, flute.
  3. pot0, pouch0, purse0, sack0, vase2.
  4. beautiful, stunning, marvellous, magnificent, glorious.
  5. zombie8, vampire, man, thief, ogre, wraith, golem, goblin12.

Section Three

  1. What was made in Lhasa?
  2. Where was the man when War was declared?
  3. What died before Atlantis sank?
  4. What do you associate with Merrie England?
  5. Who lives in Coventry?

Section Four

In all cases, I need the number, and a list, to deter the lucky guesser!

  1. How many items of treasure start off carried by the undead? (*)
  2. How many wild flowers are there? (Hint: You can refer to them as WILDFLOWER)
  3. How many different types of potion are there?
  4. How many items of silver have writing on them?
  5. How many different locations can the bow and the baton start in?

* players should assume that all objects are in play.


This is the big prize event. And no ordinary prize. The arch-wizards in their wizdom have reached DEEP into those coffers of doubloons to offer a months free play time to the event winner. Naturally, there's a catch. You must name the system you normally play on and the persona. The prize, in the spirit of cooperation that made this glorious issue possible, is a month on the OTHER mud site - sort of a get to know them offer. The winner is the first person to answer all questions correctly, failing that the person to first send in the MOST correct answers before the closing date. Which given Easter and a mudmeet we'll make the 21st of April. Send your answers to The Admiral's decision be final, me hearties!

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