Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 14, February 2002

Quiz Night!

These are the questions that I asked during the Quiz Night Event on Thursday 24th January. If you couldn't attend now is your chance to have another go! Read Vulnax's article here to find out how everyone else did. Send in your answers to me at to get your points prizes!


1 point for each correct answer.

  1. How many bees are there?
  2. Which mobile is hideously deformed?
  3. Where does the jet normally start at the beginning of a reset?
  4. What food is found in the maze of hedges?
  5. What weapon does the ghoul carry?
  6. What object is misshapen as by some enormous heat?
  7. How many rats are there?
  8. Where does the violin normally start at the beginning of a reset?
  9. What food is found in the canteen?
  10. What weapon does a surly dwarf carry?
  11. What object is embroidered in fine filigree?
  12. How many axes are there?
  13. Where doe the scrimshaw normally start at the beginning of a reset?
  14. Which mobile glides silently towards you?
  15. What food is found in the cupboard in the alpine cottage?
  16. Which book contains a list of tasks to be completed?
  17. What object is embroidered in the trapunto style?
  18. Which book contains hints about magical artifacts?
  19. What object is worked in blue cotton in cross stitch?
  20. What weapon does the mermaid carry?


5 points for each correct answer.

  1. Where does the basilisk live?
  2. Which key opens box4?
  3. Which boat is not sea-worthy?
  4. Where would the woodnymph appear to you?
  5. Which key opens box5?
  6. What prized weapon is found at the top of the keep?
  7. What item prevents you from falling asleep?
  8. What object is found on the ledge near the dwarfen realm?
  9. Which wafer can be eaten by everyone, but only under special circumstances?
  10. Which ring commands power over the undead?
  11. What prized weapon is found at the top of the pagoda?
  12. Which mobile can help you escape from the snowy mountain area?
  13. What item gives you radiation sickness?
  14. What item is required to kill the dragon?
  15. What item enables you to access the fifth icon?
  16. What item lets you carry the eagle?
  17. What item teleports you to the caved-in grave?
  18. Which mobile provides a light source?
  19. Which series of wafers are soporific?
  20. Which flower turns you blind when sniffed?


10 points for each correct answer. You'll probably need to wander around The Land to do this section. The particpants in the event did so.

  1. In which room location would you find the following, "There is a dangerous cliff to the west marked Lovers Leap"?
  2. What would have been intoned in the PULPIT?
  3. In which body of water would your boat have to carve a path through the rushes and weeds?
  4. Which mobile found in the main area of The Land feels like marshmallow?
  5. From which room can you jump out of the window with a parachute to land at the East Pasture?
  6. Where would you find the inscription, "Resting place of lost souls"?
  7. What are you invited to do to the local wildlife at the HIDE BY DARK POND?
  8. What does the large vat in the wine store contain?
  9. What scent fills the air in the summerhouse?
  10. Which temple in The Land was used by Eastern monks as a place of quiet reflection?


15 points for each correct answer.

  1. Which mortal introduced the piano into The Land?
  2. Who was the arch-wizard in charge of the Dragon incarnation of MUD2?
  3. What was the name of the first incarnation of MUD2?
  4. Who was the first arch-wizard in charge of the Wireplay incarnation of MUD2?
  5. Which university did MUD orginate?
  6. Who co-wrote MUD with Richard?
  7. Which company currently runs MUD2?
  8. Which mortal organised a series of mudmeets?
  9. Which MUD2 mobile is represented in the logo?
  10. What is the full name of the company that licenses MUD2?


5 points for each correct answer and 10 points deducted for each incorrect answer.

  1. What gem is the vampire's ring inlaid with?
  2. What is written on the briefcase?
  3. Which weapon is the most talkative?
  4. Which mobile unearths truffles?
  5. Where is a bad place to be when a magic-user dies?
  6. Which rat is the biggest?
  7. How many dwarfs are there?
  8. What gem is ring1 inlaid with?
  9. How many firestones are there in The Land?
  10. What is the most valuable item of treasure in The Land?
  11. Which mobile glares at you with suspicion?
  12. How many wafers are there?
  13. Which container smells musty?
  14. How many sapphires are there in The Land?
  15. How many chunks of copra are there?
  16. What item is clear, flawless and of immeasurable beauty?
  17. About how much does the other diamond weigh?
  18. How many bonsai are there?
  19. How many cat mobiles are there in The Land?
  20. How many rhododendrons are there in The Land?
  21. What is the armband made of?

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