Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 13, December 2001

Mobile Mania

How well do you know your mobiles? If I said, "A large, evil, black ..." would you know that I was talking about the rat0 (the large, tough one)? See if you can work out which mobiles these descriptions refer to. Every player who sends in their answers to me will receive 10 points for each correct answer, 1000 points for those who get all of them correct and 2000 points for the person who sends in all the correct answers first! Send your answers to

  • Busy
  • Idle
  • Horrifying
  • Magnificent
  • Mist-swathed
  • Rabid-looking
  • Shifty-looking
  • Solid iron
  • Lone, sorrowful
  • Hideously deformed
  • Glowering ferociously
  • Smiling here cheerily
  • Sits here, miserably
  • Rootling about happily
  • Waddles here, peacefully
  • Dangerously powerful form
  • Stares at you madly
  • Sniffing the ground intently
  • Glides silently towards you
  • Glares at you with suspicion

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